dressage tableau

Haute Ecole

Time - 8 to 10 minutes

The most beautiful movements of the Haute Ecole, the most accomplished form of equestrian art.
An elegant display of grace expressed in the execution of the most inspiring tests of the Haute Ecole.


heritage tableau

Long rein training, or long reining

Time - 8 to 10 minutes

A lot of emotion and magic in this beautiful father and son duo of Sadek
and his 4 year old son, full of love and equestrian passion.


complicity tableau

Natural horsemanship at its finest

Time - 8 to 10 minutes

A mirror image of the communion between man and horse, this display will transport you to a poetic
universe born of the immense complicity between Sadek and his horses


communion tableau

Bridle free horse training

Time - 8 to 10 minutes

The horse performs all the Haute Ecole tests with no bit or constraints
in a bold and spectacular display.


duet tableau

Group choreography

Time - 8 to 10 minutes

Horses, side by side and at liberty, perform a synchronized pas de deux in a masterful display of dexterity
where the poetry of Sadek’s universe and the intimate complicity with his horses finds their full expression


vip tableau

Exceptional equestrian welcomes

Time - 8 to 10 minutes

A scripted and tailored performance to celebrate the arrival in your establishment
of outstanding guests or as highlight of private celebrations and ceremonies, corporate events and launches.