Sadek El bahjaoui

« Horses have made me the man I am
and taught me humility, love and respect »

Sadek El Bahjaoui's words perfectly summarize the unbreakable bonds woven over the years between this artist-rider and his companions of always.

This magic, invisible yet perceptible link between Sadek and his equine partners is above all a matter of intuition, a communion with his accomplices. Sadek the Horseman has been travelling the world for years now and performing exceptional equestrian tableaux of poetry and elegance.

This fusion evident in equestrian performances by Sadek, Princess Sabah, Chenel, Fado and Khumba, is the result of a long career which started when Sadek became passionate about riding early on in his childhood.

Sadek, the child prodigy

Sadek's love of horses goes back as far as his memories carry him. At 6 this child born in Marrakesh was already attending technical training at the Academy of Equestrian Art of Morocco, Ouirgane, in the Atlas Mountains. For three years, he followed, rigorously, an apprenticeship to vaulting, dressage, groundwork and acrobatics with his older brothers. A rigour rewarded when, aged 9, he joined the Fratellini circus in Paris for his first tour as a young artist.

A childhood punctuated by years of training, learning, rigor and perseverance which seem to have served him well in preparing him for the meeting that would change his life.

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Sadek El bahjaoui


Bay mare, of KWPN-SPANISH breed.

The embodiment of natural elegance and grace
in rhythm with its aerial appearance

Specialties - Dressage training & Natural Horsemanship



Lusitano horse, cream with blue eyes.

An extraordinary horse with proven charisma
and a big heart.

Specialties - Dressage haute école, Natural horsemanship & Bridleless training



Whole horse, Arabic Barb, dappled grey.

Fado is the trickster of the team! A bundle of
energy, a fiery temper & full of love.

Specialties - School jumps, Natural horsemanhip,
Long reining, Dexterity with Chenel



Whole Welsh pony, Isabelline.

The smallest of the team managed to carve out a place for himself on the team with its regular rider, Ismael, Sadek's young son.
A lot of temperament and allure for the mascot!

Specialties - Long reining, Dressage haute école & Natural horsemanship.