Sadek is delighted to share his passion and expertise in natural horsemanship with all riders in two types of workshops :

dressage, and free & foot work (ethology)

These training sessions can be provided on Selman Marrakech
grounds with Sadek’s stable of perfectly trained horses, or delivered around the world
in a suitable venue to which he will travel alone and work with riders with their horses,
or alone as listeners.
These training sessions are suited to all horses
and riders of all levels as well as owners regardless of discipline.


Free dressage

This workshop in group sessions builds relationships
of trust and respect between horse and rider in every situation.
This workshop includes a formal welcome and introduction to natural horsemanship,
as well as morning and afternoon practice.

Working in freedom

After a few basic moves of long-reining (or long-lining),
Sadek will teach you how to get your horse to follow you and how to stay connected.
Sadek will teach you and your horse the language of legs,
which will allow you to become a true centaur in perfect harmony with your equine partner.


These confidence building exercises are designed to build communication between horse and rider,
and can be seen as an invitation to each other to play together.
In learning tact and teaching their horse the basics of footwork, riders can then move on to perform with
their mount a wide variety of movements such as piaffe, Spanish walk, sitting trot, lay downs.

Requirements abroad

A carousel available in case of bad weather.
10 to 12 horse & rider pairs maximum.
Possibility to participate as listener, without horse.
Anyone attending the course will be considered as a listener.

Training period

2 sessions per day for 2 days minimum.


dressage and/or footwork

This workshop is delivered in private sessions
Horse and rider are introduced to a variety of exercises tailored to the levels and needs of each horse & rider pair.
This workshop focuses on the basics of Basse and Haute Ecole, foot work, and performance figures.


Through tailored sessions of harmonious education, dressage makes for calmer, more flexible but also more confident horses,
attentive and brilliant, demonstrating the greatest possible complicity with their rider.