Horse et Experience
selman marrakech

dressage experience

Private lesson on horses trained in Haute Ecole

Time - 40 minutes

Experience unique riding sensations on perfectly trained horses to execute the finest dressage tests
and become centaur for a time, in an intimate encounter with an exceptional horse enabled by horse trainer extraordinaire Sadek.


liberty experience

Approaches to the basics of dressage and working in freedom

Time - 40 minutes

Practictal initiation to natural horsemanship: how, with a simple whispered command, to smoothly execute the most
refined dressage tests in perfect harmony between horse and rider.


pony circus experience

In the shoes of a little artist!

Time - 20 minutes

Offer your children the unique experience of an artistic equestrian display with a perfectly trained pony.
Depending on their age, they will be able to get the pony to rear, sit or lie down for unforgettable moments.


horse carriage transfers

Airport-Hotel transfers in traditional, horse drawn « calèche »

Time - 15 to 20 minutes

Timeless transport to the eternal landscapes surrounding your hotel: Enjoy the refined comfort of a horse drawn carriage
airport transfer directly to your hotel a short 15 to 20 minute trot away.


wellness experience

Horse & rider duets

Time - 40 minutes

Discover or practice paired stretching warm ups and relaxing routines in perfect harmony with your mount. A new approach to low impact
sport and wellness for both you and the horses whose quality of live is our priority.


garden discovery experience

Horseback tour of the hotel grounds

Time - 20 to 25 minutes

Explore Selman Marrakech's grounds and orchards from horseback: A natural way to discover first hand
the ancient origin of this city’s name, 'the blessed land', in the words of Marrakesh first settlers.


cavalier getaways

Horse rides in Berber lands

Time - 1h00 to 2h00 (excludes transfers)

Discover the breath taking landscapes of palmtrees, pines stone and winter snows which have shaped
thousands of years of Tamazigh culture in perfect and unforgettable harmony with this unique environment.