Private evenement


True performance arts show

Time: 1h to 1h15

A truly exceptional display of fine equestrian arts. In little more than an hour, Sadek's unforgettable show features gymnastics and horseriding combined in the performance art of a vaulting, alongside acrobats, dancers, fire eaters, musicians in a lights and soundtrack display of prouesse worthy of the finest carrousels. The show reflects Sadek’s focus on 3 distinct yet equally rich universes.

Each of these creations offers a unique show where magic and elegance will delight your guests with a moment of pure emotion and unforgettable memories.

Creation « Oriental Horse »
A chic oriental show, to the sounds of oud strings strummed in a shimmering and warm atmosphere.

Horses dancing, a creation.
A voyage to other shore of the Mediterranean, lulled by dances and tunes ranging from sacred music to Flamenco

Equestrian fugues, a creation.
Artistic and quirky transport to the unique world of circus in a series of almost dreamlike vignettes.


live performances & tableaux

Equestrian performances à la carte

Time - 10 to 45 minutes

Sadek offers a choice of parcours, finely tuned combinations of flawlessly executed displays of centaurian prowess. (see artistic paintings section) for private parties, gala, exhibitions, festivals or opening ceremonies. These performances can be delivered both outdoors and indoors or in theatres or historical monuments, as many of prestigious guests who have requested Sadek's performance can attest.

Tableaux are tailored to event’s needs or to the mood of your celebration.



Acting horses

Sadek's horses are perfectly trained and become actors for video and still advertisings and photo shoots. They can also accompany or enliven fashion shows.

Full-fledged artists in their own rights, Sadek's horses are delighted to perform and pose for breathtaking results, all in finesse and elegance. Horses bring undeniable power, originality and grace to this type of project.